Our Glass

In a Solarium 95% of the Room is composed of GLASS.

Clearly the single most important item in the room.

There are (4) absolute must have items, if all 4 items are not present - DO NOT BUILD IT!!!

  1. The glass must reflect a sizable portion of the radiant heat. If it doesn’t you will be living in a sauna.
  2. The glass must reflect a minimum of 90% of the Ultra Violet Light.  This serves (2) purposes:
    a) It protects your furniture from fading
    b) More importantly, it protects you from the harmful effects of the sun.
  3. The glass (especially important in the roof), must be self-cleaning. If not then you will be constantly looking at dirt, or you will constantly be cleaning the glass.
  4. For our northern climate, all structural members (roof and walls) must be “thermally broken”.  If this is not the case then the cold from the exterior will conduct itself through the metal into the room and create a potential condensation issue.


glass-2glass-4     glass-3